Thursday 14 September 2017

The Hotel Solar

When we were in Paris last weekend we stayed at the Solar Hotel, a very green establishment in the 14th. Everything is green and bio (organic) and ethical, and it is the headquarters of Sea Shepherd in Paris.

Although it is more expensive than the hotels we normally stay in outside Paris, the prices are very reasonable by Paris standards. It's also in a great part of town, in the 14th near the Catacombs. Not that it's the catacombs that make it a great area: rue Daguerre is just around the corner, an excellently typical pedestrianised Parisian shopping street with plenty of specialist food shops and restaurants of all ethnicity.

It is also very close to the Denfert-Rochereau Metro and RER station, which means direct RERB to Charles de Gaulle Airport, and direct Metro 6 to Montparnasse Station (from where the TGV departs to our neck of the woods). Very convenient.

I am sure Susan will have more to say about the hotel when she has a chance, and we will certainly be posting more about the area. Once again, we have a new favorite area of Paris

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You're getting closer to my neck of the woods.

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