Wednesday 6 September 2017

A Thing We Didn't Say

Last month the Comice was in Preuilly, and the town was decorated for all the visitors, and especially for the Grand Parade.

One thing we neglected to mention was the thousands of flowers, hand made by members of the Comite des Fetes, dozens of volunteers and I believe a smattering of retirement home residents and some students from the college. Here are some of them, adorning the hedge near the arboretum. The rest were woven into fences, bushed and lamposts all around town.

Congratulations to all involved - it looked like a massive undertaking. and really brightened the place up.


Ken Broadhurst said...

That looks festive and beautiful.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

It must be a requirement of the Comice as all the different locations we went to all had these flowers and many thousands of them including the vehicles. They do give great colour.

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