Saturday 30 September 2017

Cake Club

Last Wednesday was the last Loire Valley Cake Club for 2017. It was a very pleasant gathering at Gaynor and TimB's, with 11 in attendance. The weather behaved so were able to sit outside in the sun, have a glass or two of rehydration, and then get stuck in into the food.

This month was a "Lucky Dip" event, so anything cooked in the oven qualified. Thus we had sausage rolls, quiche, madeleines, muffins, flapjacks, sticky ginger cake, eclairs and meringues, a nice mixture and not a diabetes inducing bloatfest that a bigger gathering can become.
All in all, an excellent way to spend an afternoon, and we hope they continue for as long as we have an appetite for cake.


Oops - almopst forgot. There wasn't a raffle this month, but Jean had bought along a cake stand to be taken away. Thus we wrote our names on a piece of paper, popped it into the proverbial hat (a tin) and drew out Simon's name. Yay!

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