Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Take the Slow Train

Susan and I spent the past couple of days in Paris. We went up by the "slow" train from Amboise - the ordinary Inter-City Express - rather than the TGV from Saint Pierre des Corps. The trip takes about 40 minutes longer, but is more scenic.

 The InterCity train pulls into Amboise station.

When we found our reserved seats we had a surprise - I had booked tickets in first class rather than cattle class and promptly forgot about it. I am not normally that extravagant, but the first class tickets were 20€ each, only 3€ each more than second. So why not. I know you don't get there any faster, but a little treat is a treat nonetheless.

First class seating - wider, plush seats, more legroom and 2 arm rests each

On the way back I thought I would confirm what we have suspected all along - we should be calling it "the slower train" rather that "the slow train".

200kmh aboard the slow train. The concrete structure you
can see out of the window is the Aérotrain track


  1. Or tather ...what's left of the Aerotrain track, because parts of it are gone now.

    1. Thats very true. I hope it points towards a star, so that in 2000 years time, when Aerotrain is forgotten, people think it's like stonehenge...

  2. For us, it's preferable to take the "slower" train (from Blois) when we are going into central Paris. It's not really slower overall because the drive to Blois is shorter than the drive to the TGV station at SPDC-Tours. I take the TGV when I go directly from Tours to CDG airport, bypassing central Paris.

  3. Fingers crossed that you have the same first class surprise on the air leg your trip to Australia...

  4. I think French trains are much better than British ones. Vinca we have access to the 1 Euro train and we travel down from London via Eurostar and TGV