Friday, 22 September 2017

Here starts Autumn

The Equinox is at about 9pm (21h) tonight. That means goodbye to summer (hah!) and hello autumn. In reality it's been feeling like autumn for most of this month so we won't notice the change, except that for the next 6 months we will have more dark than light. Cheery thoughts...

In a month's time we will have this

and in two months this. 

And then suddenly it will be February, we will have a week of sunny warm weather, and everyone will be saying "isn't it amazing, winter's over early".


  1. I wish I could hibernate in mid October and wake up in mid April, so I won’t see and feel winter’s whole enchilada, cold, snow, ice, freezing rain and the like! One can dream!

  2. Spring equinox here, forecast for Sydney 37 degrees, total fire ban over much of NSW. The winter just finished was the hottest since records began.

    1. We've been hearing the reports. Very weird and unsettling.