Sunday, 10 May 2015

Goanna Tracks

Goanna tracks, perfectly recorded in the red sands of central Australia.
Au jardin hier: The grapes have leaves, but not quite big enough yet to make dolmades. The apples have set fruit (the Granny Smith is covered, but I bet it loses most of them, like previous years). Only one of the pears has set fruit. The cherries all look to have a reasonable crop. Not many nectarines or peaches. The big red gage plum has lots of fruit but the little Saint Catherines not much. The apricot has no fruit.

Onions and garlic are thriving, the broad beans are flowering. The chard (silver beet) is going to seed, but still edible. Lettuces are coming along nicely, enjoying the rain. My experiment to protect the brassicas from being munched has failed so I will just give up with them.

Early Spider, Lady and Bee Orchids are flowering in a sea of Upright Brome grass. The Paulownia is in full flower and various species of bumble bee are enjoying the lavender foxglove flowers.

The Aged One has very kindly made a new set of steps down to the stream for me, so if I want to bring water up it is a lot easier (although with the rain my water butts are full at the moment).


  1. Susan I have a couple of spare RED ALERT bush tomato plants if you could use them... They are supposed to be blight resistant!! C

    1. Thank you. We would love to try them.

  2. I harvested -- pulled out -- my chard plants last week. I cleaned and cooked the leaves and ribs in duck fat, white wine, salt and pepper, and hot red pepper flakes. I ended up with about three liters of cooked greens. They are delicious.

    1. I picked ours today and steamed it.

  3. Susan... use the water from the stream at the moment...
    you will need the water from the butts if everything does dry out!!

    And, picked up from the web....
    use a solar powered pond pump to fill your cans...
    it isn't the fastest method, apparently...
    but if you get a good one, it will fill a can in the time it takes to walk and empty the other.
    It said look for the flow rate on the packaging...
    presumably in litres per hour for something like that!