Monday, 11 May 2015

Basilica Saint Eutrope, Saintes

The church of Saint Eutrope in Saintes is a curious basilica style building that is sort of a church on top of a church. The early 11th century crypt is large, atmospheric and virtually empty, and is mirrored by the slightly later church above. Once this lower church was for the general populace, whilst the upper church was for monks only.

It is one of the most outstanding monuments of the Romanesque period in France and is on the major pilgrimage route that ultimately leads to Santiago de Compostella. 

The sarcophagus of Saint Eutrope.

Medieval dames adorn one of the capitals.

An ornate niche that I assume once held a statue,
just above head height, supported by rather tough looking angels.

The font.

A view of the interior.

Looking down one side of the ambulatory. 
The disk shaped arch voussoirs are distinctive.
All photos taken in the so-called crypt, or lower church.


Claudette is off to have her CT (roadworthy, MOT, whatever) today. This is a bi-annual event that I always find quite stressful. We have checked the headlights, indicators, tail lights, stop lights, fog lamps, and we know she stops and starts. At home.

60 year old electrics are, however, a law unto themselves, and even though I have again repaired a headlight bulb, there is a possibility she will have one of those (luckily very rare) moments that all old cars occasionally have....

A la cuisine hier: Eggs Florentine, using some of the bucket of chard I harvested. The rest I steamed and froze in batches.

Sort of Oriental style chicken, made with pieces of cockerel and leftover soy sauce / pineapple juice marinade. Carrot, celery, red pepper and baby corn added and served with rice.

First rhubarb of the season, from the market, stewed, and homemade custard.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

You can pass with flying colours Claudette!! That font looks like it is supported on concrete blocks!!

Susan said...

How similar is this church to the one in Faye le Vineuse? I was intrigued by the description of it on your blog, but too tired to come to the Vide Jardin on the day.

And thanks for the vote of confidence in Claudette :-)

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