Friday 28 February 2014

A Boulodrome

I presume a boulodrome is a bowling alley. This one is in Chateauroux.
Hunting: The general hunting season ends this evening.
A la cuisine hier: For those of you who were interested in the link to the article about full fat milk that I posted yesterday, here is a link to an article about what is really in supermarket orange juice. We rarely buy juice because they are just expensive empty calories, but I hadn't realised quite what a con job commercial processed orange juice was.
Civet de Sanglier, or Wild Boar Casserole, cooked slowly on the wood stove, rich and dark.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Wild Boar Casserole looks deeeelish... Will have to try it.

Ken Broadhurst said...

A boulodrome is not a bowling alley, but an indoor place for playing boules (pétanque).

Ken Broadhurst said...

And now I know why I've never liked supermarket orange juice.

Ken Broadhurst said...

It's a boar bourguignon!

Susan said...

Ken: Thanks for the clarification on boulodrome. Re the boar recipe, yes, more or less. The recipe I linked to is missing mushrooms, which I have been told is traditional. I think a civet is normally more like something à la chasseur, but the true civet should be made in the forest just after the kill, using the boar's blood, not red wine, according to my source, who had one burbling away on a market stall.

the fly in the web said...

As to civet, my elderly neighbour told me that it has to use the blood..she used to make a civet of hare that was delicious.

We have full cream milk, unpasteurised, warm from the cow every day - except that Monty the sheep is now using most of that so we have had to buy in supermarket UHT for ourselves - quite lousy after the real thing.

And as for supermarket orange explains why we did not like it.
Why is that that foo production on the industrial scale always seems so akin to the food adulteration we think of with horror from the Victorian period....

Susan said...

Fly: Civet seems to be the equivalent of the English 'jugged'.

That Monty is going to be trouble you know. A hand reared ram...No wonder all your sheep owning friends are shaking their heads.

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