Friday 7 February 2014

The Lady of Azay

The Conseil Général (the equivalent of the shire or county council) has signed a science and tourism partnership deal with the Chateau of Azay le Rideau, run by the Centre des Monuments Nationaux. They have appointed Chrystelle Laurent-Rogowski as the new manager of the chateau and the Cloître de la Psalette in Tours.

 One facade of the chateau reflected in the mirror pond.
She comes from a background in both history of art and tourism and says she hopes to make the link between scientists and the general public, popularising the science behind the care and presentation of these historic sites. From Brittany originally, her previous job was as Director of Cultural Development in the Aube.

Her core activities will be research, conservation, curatorship, educating the public about these aspects of historic sites and disseminating her knowledge of the chateau, the cloisters and related subjects. She says that being in charge of the Chateau of Azay le Rideau means that there will be a strong tourism dimension to her job as well.

Looking out a chateau window.
This year the big project at the chateau is restoring the English style park, originally created by the Biencourt family to surround the chateau in the 19th century.


chm said...

It is interesting to note the old French spelling of Phillipe Lesbahy's last name. In modern French it would be l'ébahi which [according Robert-Collins] means somebody dumbfounded, flabbergasted or astounded. You take your pick.

RestlessinFrance said...

I think I would be dumbfounded, flabbergasted and astounded if I had to sleep in that particular bed... with those pillows ... and also much more...

Linda said...

Lovely series of photos.

Aussie in France said...

Shall look forward to seeing the park again after the renovations.

Susan said...

chm: thanks for the etymology. I had no idea that's what her name meant.

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