Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Beautiful Bird

Simon visited family in London while I was in Australia and while he was there photographed this Kingfisher on the Ver River at Saint Albans.

 I love his little orange tootsies in the photo below.
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Au jardin hier: It was sunny all day yesterday! I can't remember the last time we had sun all day. I pruned the roses and clematis and cut back old growth on perennial plants. I've saved some hollow hollyhock and marguerite daisy stems to cut into short lengths, bundle together and make bee hotels. Winter Iris and Hellebores are flowering, as well as a few violets. A Brimstone butterfly flew past. I hung the washing outside on the line and it dried!


  1. HE is, in fact, a HER...
    male bill is all black, female has orange underneath!
    But great pix, all t'same!!

    " I hung the washing outside on the line and it dried!"....
    how wonderful!! How marvellous!!!
    The thought of the end of damp clothes cluttering the bathroom...
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Bliss!!

  2. Yup We dried a line full of washing and saw a Brimstone.... Snap!

  3. It rained here and my wShing was dried on the rack I the utility room!

    I'm out walking on Cannock Chase today. What are y chances of seeing a Brimstone?

  4. PS I vaguely know what one looks like, but it seems a bit early. I'll let you know if I do!

  5. PPS my tablet uses predictive text so I really should re-read and edit. Sorry.

  6. I had to watch the sun from inside...:-( I was teaching all day and am desperate to get out and do a few garden-y things ....

    super photo!!

  7. Well done, these little ones are pretty quick, we had Bee Eaters (so pretty) that would nest in the sandy soil of one of the paddocks at Millmerren a few hundred yards from the creek.
    We are back to heat wave conditions here,around 30 for most of the week,such a joy when sanding and painting outside, for the few cool hours when the paint will spread before it dries !
    The linen sheets have had lots of use this year.

  8. Margaret: Bee Eaters are fab! We get them here too (different species of course) and they nest nearby apparently. I'm wearing your latest socks today, btw :-)

  9. how lovely. I've only seen a kingfisher once.