Saturday 1 February 2014

Bondi Beach

Easily the most famous beach in Australia, and probably in the top 5 most famous beaches in the world, mainly because if you live in or visit Sydney, it's the easiest beach to get to from the centre of town. It has been well served by public transport for about 150 years -- so much so that 'to shoot through like a Bondi tram' (ie to leave rapidly) has entered the vernacular.

The group of people in yellow and red, centre bottom, are the surf livesavers, ever alert.

It has the typical characteristics of an Australian beach -- a long curving stretch of pale fine sand, and surf. Untypically for an Australian beach, it is always crowded. It's also not as safe as you might assume from its popularity. The surf lifesavers rescue people in trouble here every day. If you are not a local or not used to swimming in the sea, the rough waves and strong currents can catch you unawares. I would hesitate to swim here -- partly because it is crowded, not just with swimmers and boardriders, but also because unless I was accompanied by someone local I would be worried about misjudging the current.

Boardrider central.

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Amanda said...

It really is a gorgeous beach!

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