Sunday 16 February 2014

Waverley Cemetery, Sydney

 Waverley Cemetery has to have one of the most dramatic settings of any cemetery, situated as it is on the sea cliffs above Bronte Beach in Sydney's eastern suburbs. Check out this aerial view.

It is a public cemetery, created in the late 19th century along the same lines as Kensal Green in London or Père Lachaise in Paris -- that is, it is a business, expected to at least break even and hopefully make a profit. It is currently owned and managed by Waverley Council, and you can still purchase plots.

(Photograph by Stefania Fumagalli.)


Colin and Elizabeth said...

It looks gigantic on the aerial shot. Is that Simon with the thumbs up to say he has purchased you both plots? C

Tim said...

They really don't want you to walk on the grass, do they? Rather gaudy for a cemetary, that bright orange barrier netting. What do you do if you want to lay flowers on someone's grave? Chuck them, like putting the shot, vase and all? P.

Susan said...

Colin: No idea what Simon was signaling. Maybe that Alex is getting on a bit...

PG: I doubt if that's the reason for the orange netting. It's to stop people falling down the steep drops. If you were visiting a grave you would come in from the top, not from where we are.

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