Friday, 5 November 2010

Wiring Progress

We are starting to get close with our wiring: We have power points and lights in the entry hall, pantry, guest bedroom, shower room, bathroom, laundry and toilet. In addition to that, we have the start of the cabling for the kitchen, main bedroon, and salon in place.

This has used a lot of cable: so far we have used over 500 metres of cable, and on Tuesday we bought another 200 metres. We hope this will do us.

We have dozens of these junction boxes. Where
we have room to make the cabling tidy, it's tidy.
The main reason we have used so much cable is because of the walls of the house, and where the doors have been installed. Having stone walls almost a metre thick means that the best way of getting power into a room is through bypassing the walls as much as possible.

This is why to get power for the powerpoints from the fuseboard to the main bedroom (which is only 1.5 metres as the mosquito flies) we had to go through 3 floors and 3 walls, for a total wire run of about 20 metres.

How to move electricity a very short distance.
From the fuseboard under the stairs to the bedroom.
Another consideration is just how many power points you need in a modern house. For a computer and it's associated gubbins you need 5 or 6 powerpoints: that is one complete circuit that needs to be run from the fuseboard.

One of the cables at the back of this photo
ends up in the bedroom.
Yesterday's little luxury was installing a light on the staircase that we can turn on and off from the top and bottom. As long as we give ourselves these treats occasionally, we feel we are making progress.



Tim said...

One of the cables at the back of this photo ends up in the bedroom.
Ah....yes! BUT which one?!
And it is 5 or 6 "SURGE" protected powerpoints with the electrical supply in this area and its little "fluctuations"!! I, I hope!?!?

The word verification is "trefarg" which sounds very IKEA.... probably something from the electrical department! Or perhaps a wire-tidy for the back of the computer.... said as one of the cats has just dived through said wires and brought the Terrabyte drive to the brink of destruction on the stone floor.... I need a beer or something stronger [at 10 in the morning it will just have to be another cup of tea!!]

Simon said...

Tim. We've never had problem with the power here. This coule be because we have very solid (ie old) computers, which cope well with the fluctuations. Even at the moment, when the computer, a freezer and a fridge (and occasionally a power tool or two) are all plugged in to the same temporary socket the system is stable.

wally said...

I am impressed with the electrics, as I am with all the work you are doing. Now that I have the hang of "comments" (thanks Susan)you may hear more from Aus. Wally

Susan said...

Wally: pleased to see you've got to grips with it. Having a light on the stairs is so revolutionary we usually forget to use it!

Jean said...

Simon and Susan - I have the image fixed in my head now of one of you at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom, switching the lights on and off for the sheer hell of it.

That's what we would be doing, anyway, probably with a glass of fizz in our hands !!

Would you believe, the word verification is "uperster". Wonder which one of you was up er sters !!

Simon said...

Jean. You know us too well

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