Wednesday 17 November 2010

A Strange Item

Susan and I have been to Beaulieu les Loches a number of times, and every time we visit we are with different people. This means we have been in to the Abbey Church about 6 times in the past year alone.

The church is interesting, but a lot smaller than it once was: half of the church was demolished and a new western end built half way down the nave. The north wall still stands and shows the extent of the original nave, and the column bases are marked out on what is now an open square. The tomb of Foulkes Nerra is here, built on the southern wall of the transept (although currently replaced by a wooden board and a notice).

The most interesting and mystifying part (to my eyes, anyway) is on the north wall of the transept. What is this - and who is it?

As I prepared the photos for this post I realised it looks like there is a piece of paper on the end of the glass case. We did return to the church on last Saturday to have a look in case we could tell you all about it, but the church was locked. We will call in within the next week or so and hope to be able to check it out.


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