Wednesday 10 November 2010


I mentioned on Monday that Stéphane had promised us some dust.

He wasn't wrong.

We had arranged to visit Ken and Walt on Monday to have lunch (which was very nice, thank you). Before we left home we had hung some baches (tarpaulins) to try and contain the dust. This was quite successful, because parts of the house remained usable.

Where the dust was created, it landed in huge drifts.
When we first bought the house one of our plans was to occasionally stay in a hotel so we could bathe, be warm, and feel human, but until Monday night we hadn't really felt the need. We had booked ourselves into l'Image because Stéphane had warned us he would be making a very early start on applying the chaux as he needed to complete the whole wall in one day. This turned out to be a really sensible move, because he arrived at yesterday at 6.00am, and left at 20.30, job done.

Having put dust sheets up doesn't mean that the house was totally comfortable. We couldn't light the fire until this morning (the chaux would have dried too quickly), and although we had closed the bedroom door and stuffed all the gaps under the doors and holes in the wall, last night at 11:00pm we were still vacuum cleaning and dusting before we could go to bed.



Diogenes said...

Quite the layer of dust in that second photo - like having hard wood floors sanded.

ladybird said...

I hope Stéphane wore a professional dustmask to do this job?!

Simon said...

Diogenes - even worse than hardwood floor dust. It's finer than talcum powder, and hangs in the air for hours.

Martine. I hope so too. I was sensible, and was nowhere near enough to witness.

Jean said...

I bet you're glad that's over !!

Simon said...

Jean. Only over in so far as that's the first wall of 8 finished. The rest will be done when we take a month's holiday, I think

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