Sunday 28 November 2010

Preuilly, 1933 Style

At the moment there is a huge project underway to find, catalogue and digitise family movies from the Centre region in France. This is not only highly important in terms of social history, but the results are amazingly interesting and fun.

The following film was shot in Preuilly and the Brenne in 1933. Anyone who knows the town will instantly recognise the setting.

The rest of the archive can be found here. Not all the films are from Centre, but all are interesting, some are significant, and some just plain fascinating.

Just don't spend the whole day watching them!


ps. it snowed yesterday, but not enough to be worth photographing. We had to find inside the house things to do.


Tim said...

With the snow falling.... I am not going to click on todays links Simon.... thank you for the warning!
I might this evening though....

Seine Judeet (Judith) said...

Wow! That's an amazing project! Thanks for telling us about it.


Susan said...

Tim: We had lovely snow, with big feathery flakes. It was mesmeric.

Judy: Glad to bring it to your attention. Do take a look at the 'significant' one, which is American troops in Amboise at the end of WW2. All the girls want to be photographed with a soldier. It's rather sweet.

Emm said...

Fascinating, thanks.

In the Promenade en Touraine, I notice that then (as sometimes now) the people on bicycles travel faster than the automobiles in traffic.

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