Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Lightweight Champagne

From this year champagne is lighter. Each new empty bottle now weighs 835g, down 65g from the old standard of 900g. It is one way for the Comité interprofessionel du vin de Champagne to reduce carbon emissions. By 2020, all the bottles will be thinner.

The only bottle of champagne in the house (below).
As loyal Tourangeaux, we prefer the much better value
Vouvray or Crémant de Loire.
The Champagne region isn't the only one taking this step. For several years, individual wine makers have been choosing thinner bottles, but it is certainly easier if an entire AOC does it simultaneously.

It is a response to consumer demand. Customers these days want to know what the environmental footprint of a product is and lighter bottles means less energy and materials consumed in manufacturing and in transportation. Maybe it also means reduced costs which can be passed on to consumers, but this does not always follow.



  1. As long as the contents remain the same, I won't complain! :)

  2. We go one step further: we very seldom even buy wine in bottles. We just get our plastic barrels filled at the pump in the wineries and co-ops.

  3. Martine: I don't think there are any plans for Champagne Lite :-)

    Ken: Not sure you can do that with bubbly though...

  4. Fabulous idea, I'm all for reducing emissions just as long as they leave what's in the bottle at full strength :)

  5. Tim. Oh goodie, Our first comment in Latin. We do have a better class of reader, you know...

    Anna I can see where you're coming from