Monday, 2 August 2010


On Saturday night Stéphane and I went to Yzeures’n’Rock, which is held on the field between the swimming pool and the Creuse river in Yzeures. On a warm summer's evening, it's a great place to be.

Entrance is free, and there are drinks and food available, bought with tickets. The system is quite clever: you buy tickets at 1€ each, and rent a glass, also for €1. When you buy a drink you hand your glass over, and recive a new, filled glass in return for your tickets (2 tickets for beer). At the end of the evening you take your most recent glass back to the ticket counter and receive your €1 back.

There were three bands: Cruskin,
Cyril Maguy Trio and Djak. Of the three bands I preferred the noise served by Cruskin best - sort of an indie/punk/metal crossover (as seen here). Djak do a U2/Killers mix, and the Cyril Maguy Trio (no noticable web prescence) don't seem to sure of what they want to be: part blues band, part jazz rock, and a smattering of indie (and I think most the songs are too long too).

Djak on stage
If you're in the area on the last weekend of July Yzeures’n’Rock is the place to be. As in Barrou, I am amazed that a small town can have such a good rock concert.


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