Monday, 30 August 2010

Closing in on a Bathroom

I commented on Friday that we would be starting closing the bathroom walls "tomorrow".

Pleasingly, we were able to start on Friday morning, so after a bit of discussion about where the ceiling will actually go (you need to be sure of these things before you start the walls), we started with glasswool and plasterboard.

The ceiling: there?

or there?
It isn't a fast process, as we are taking extreme care to make sure the insulation is sufficient, with no gaps, and we are double taping it to make sure it will not shift over time. This means that once it is done it is done for good.

Stéphane tapes the insulation to the frame
Luckily the weather of late has not been all that warm, but but even so, working up in the roof space you are aware of any warmth at all and it has been very humid.



Sheila said...

No moisture barrier going on
the ceiling insulation?

Simon said...


The glasswool has a paper backing which allows the insulation to breathe, likewise the foil lining of the ceiling.

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