Saturday, 28 August 2010

Apéro at the Chateau

Last night we were lucky enough to be on the invitation list for apéro at Château Valcreuse, owned by Caroline and Alexander. We have done some work with them this year, taking their guests on picnics or collecting them at the station. The food at the party was supplied by Sidney and Alison from le Calabash, who run a cookery school and catering business in the area.

Célestine parked outside the château in pride of place.
Caroline, our hostess.
Some of the amuse-bouches.
Sidney, a blur of activity in the kitchen.
The trouble with going to parties where there are French people is that they can all dance - properly - and do so with very little encouragement. It means that as a non-French person, one has no option but to slink off and sample the cheese platter, since there is no way one can get up and dance without looking like a gallumping hippo. The band, a swinging jazz quartet was local and excellent.
Thanks Caroline and Alexander, Sidney and Alison - it was a great party and we really enjoyed ourselves.



Paulita said...

Well they've worked at dancing for years. I remember the first time a French teenager told us they took "rock and roll" dance lessons. I guess here in the States we would call it swing or ballroom dancing. Even though, you can dance to rock and roll.

Diogenes said...

Celestine looks perfect in front of their beautiful home. At first I thought the amuse-bouches in the cups were some sort of melon with cream, but enlarging the picture it looks like salmon with a whipped cream cheese...tasty.

Susan said...

Paulita: Quite.

Diogenes: The front cups are smoked salmon topped with avocado mousse, the back is tomatoes topped with creme fraiche.

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