Monday, 16 August 2010

Creating a Blockage

For people who don't understand about irony, this photo may help.

It was taken last Friday afternoon in rue Chaumont Patin. Looking at the size of the trucks you can understand how the front window of the boulangerie was cracked simply by the passing traffic.



Leon Sims said...

I wouldn't have thought you had a blockage after fitting a new exhaust - oops, I mixed up your blogs.
We actually saw the same thing in Montresor while sitting in the cafe having lunch and two huge trucks coming from the opposite direction couldn't get by each other so one backed up. Amazing skill.

Jean said...

It's very alarming when you see them hurtling towards you along a busy, narrow street in some otherwise charming town or village.

I was once witness to what was almost an angry mob lambasting the driver of a huge wagon that was causing mayhem by going through a narrow street in Angles sur l'Anglin. I think he had taken a wrong turning. Or maybe he knew he shouldn't take that shortcut but decided to anyway.

Tim said...

These roads never evolved to take this sort of traffic!
I feel that the EU should consider a law making local delivery by suitable vehicles a compulsion.
Each area then could have a central depot that these monsters could deliver to and the 'suitable' vehicle distribute from.... and suitable means electric/hydrogen/whatever comes next! Ban these juger"naught"s from small towns and small highways... that goes for the giant 'agro'cultural vehicules too!
I'll get down off the soapbox now, I've replac3ed the lightbulb!!?

Wordverification is "gatipub"... I'll go and get a refill!

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