Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The New Bathroom Floor

Just when you thought bathrooms had gone away...

The past week I have been working alone on the bathroom floor in the attic. It has been slow going as I am nowhere near as confident as Stéphane is, so I am making sure that everything is as right as I can get it, just in case.

I have almost completed the frame, so next step will be to complete laying the floor panels. The frame is 150mm x 75mm treated pine, and the flooring is 18mm OSB, which will eventually be tiled. This will give us a floor which will be reassuringly solid under a bath full of water - the current floor is pine boards on solid beams, but it has so much bounce that mal de mer in the bath would have been a distinct possibility.



  1. Interesting thought being sea sick in a bath! Diane

  2. That work looks hard on the knees!!

  3. Jean

    Strange you should say that - I do have a couple of interesting callouses, gained in distinctly non-interesting ways...

  4. Try to make the substrate under the tiles as solid as possible. Grout doesn't have much flex and the slightest movement will make it crack and crumble quite quickly. Looks like your joists are nice and close. What fun!