Saturday, 27 February 2010

Le Gymnase

When we were in Paris at the end of last year we asked the receptionist at our hotel if he knew of anywhere in the area we could get a meal - inexpensive and close by. He suggested a cafe near the metro called le Gymnase, a suggestion we followed and are glad to have done so. That evening we had a great pot au feu for €8.50 each, which for a evening meal in Paris is really good value.

He said it was close:
le Gymnase from our bedroom window
When we were in Paris for Retromobile we dined at le Gymnase again, this time with Liselle. We had the cheap menu (from memory €16.50 for three courses) and a bottle of wine. The main course of magret de canard was lovely - tender, juicy, and tasty, and the dessert was tiramisu (so no complaints there!)

There are thousands of places like this in Paris: quiet, unpretentious, used by locals as a meeting place, serving good food at prices that most people can afford. Don't all head to le Gymnase - next time you're in Paris get out there and find your own little bargain eatery!


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Paulita said...

Sounds lovely. We haven't explored inexpensive restaurants, although we have discovered an inexpensive hotel that our French friends use and we stay there whenever we visit Paris, which I hope will be again this spring. I might just track down le gymnase!

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