Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Retromobile 2

One of the smaller, less glamorous vehicles we saw at Retromobile was a Peugeot "Triporteur".

Our jardin/potager is about 600 metres away from the house, just a far enough distance that if we have to take any larger tools with us we have to take the car. What we really need is one of these:

There were two triporteur at the show: this
one was maybe more "authentic"

I say we, of course what I mean is that Susan needs one. I would buy it for her as a present. Any suggestion it would be a bloke style present will be strenuously denied.



  1. I would love one of those myself - just think of the stuff you could put in it. I bet they make a great noise, too.

    Much better than a diamond any day.

  2. I didn't know you grew pineapples and bananas in your "jardin/potager", but why not!

    Otherwise, that triporteur looks great. At first I thought it meant three people could ride in it, but I figured out it probably meant it had three wheels and no spare!

    That would be a greeeeeaaaaaat Valentine's Day gift for Susan!

  3. Did they have a Velo Solex at the Retromobile?