Monday, 8 February 2010

Not Célestine!

but one of her aunts:

When we were at RetroMobile we noticed this, and took the best photo you could get that shows just how much legroom you get in the back of a Traction Avant. As I am not planning on taking Célestine's doors off anytime soon, you will have to be content with someone else's car.

This is the Traction Avant used in "Les Misérables", a 1995 update on the Victor Hugo classic set during World War 2, and starring Michel Boujenah.

Today we are off to Chambray les Tours. The part of that fine ville (and it is not a bad place once you get off the main road) we are going to is the stretch along the D910 lined with large hardware, kitchen, bathroom and car shops. On Wednesday we have the plumber coming to give us an estimate for the work we want done, so we will spend today looking for the actual bathroom fittings we will get him to fit. We have changed our plan again, so it means a whole new devis.

I am not expecting to actually enjoy the day, but it could be "interesting".



Abbeysmum said...

Having traveled in the beautiful Celestine, I can heartily agree about the leg room. I used to drive an Austin 1800 many moons ago and I would often say it was a "lounge on wheels"... Celestine is not only more comfy and roomy, but way more Elegant

Leon Sims said...

Speaking in Anglaise Citroen Traction terms, the L15 certainly had more than adequate leg space front and back, but the Big 15 was more so. The Big 6, now there was a voluptuous vehicle. Sue's father had a Family 9 and the nearest thing that I can remember driving was a pantec truck or riding a tandem bike, but how I love a family 9 traction avant.

Berowne said...

I keep thinking back to that French masterpiece, the Deux Chevaux. :-)

Thib said...

Michel Boujenah only had a "small" role in this movie. Main actor was Jean-Paul Belmondo, who is on this poster ;-)

Simon said...

Thib. I have to admit I have never seen the movie (until I saw the car, I had never even heard of the movie!!)

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