Thursday, 11 February 2010

Célestine's Back Seat

I wrote the other day "Not Célestine".

Well - this time it is. When we were in Chambray we called in to Mondial Moquette (Carpet World) and looked at rugs for Célestine's back seat. They had some really nice woollen rugs, but not at "carpet protector" prices. We ended up buying one at Conforama, which is a good shop for deco items. The rug will be easier to remove and clean than the fitted carpet, which is is important when you live in an area that doesn't always run to pavement.

It's turned cold again, with snow. This has severely reduced the amount of work I am willing to do outside, and of course once one is inside the allure of sitting by the poêle outweighs doing stuff in an unheated room.

Two years ago I asked "Alpine Preuilly?" and illustrated
it with a summer photo. This morning I ask again!
Thus I have been sitting by a nice fire, redoing our plumbing plan. Everything has changed since we last did a plan (the devis we got for that one caused a long period of sitting down and struggling for breath) so the plombier called in yesterday morning, looked at what we are thinking about, made some intelligent (and money saving) suggestions, and went off to draw up his estimate. I have also started thinking about what I need to do to amenage the grenier.

Winter could end up being an expensive time if I keep getting all this thinking time!



Jean said...

The carpet looks posh. How about some ice buckets and a little table in the back ?? A spot of local fizz might be very pleasant whilst rumbling along the beautiful Loire roads !

Simon said...

Jean. You can (or at least could) get a vase holder for the b pillar. Dunno if I want anyone eating or drinking inside the car though!!

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