Saturday, 20 February 2010

Tying Up a Wall

Avid readers of this blog (and there are some out there) may recall the problem we had with our garage wall.

I think I have now fixed the problem, with the wall now being strapped to the wooden frame. I had made some progress on this a couple of weeks ago, but then it started raining, then snowing, and the next stage involved me standing on a ladder with electric tools - outside. This is not only not recommended in the handbooks, but even I can see it is slightly ill-advised (and more importantly, uncomfortable).

We had a brief window of opportunity on Thursday, so I finished the job off. The wall now has 10 metal strips that are screwed to two bricks, then pass through the mortar joints before being screwed into the wooden frame. I have used instant cement to fill the holes in the mortar joints, and this should hold everything nicely in place.

Not the most glamorous of photos,
but all my own work
All we are waiting for now is a week of good weather (according to a passing neighbour spring starts in March, so maybe then) and we can get Alex to render the wall with Chaux Blanche.

Today is Saffron Fair day in Preuilly, so we are hoping for a nice day. Susan went into to l'Image to book for Jean-Michel's special Saffron Fair dinner only to be told they aren't doing a special dinner this year, so we are booked for their special lunch instead. Last year both meals were fully booked, and we think that everyone found it too much pressure.

However, on Thursday Christophe called around to say they had changed their minds, and did we want to change our booking to dinner - which we have done.

Now THAT is customer service!


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