Saturday, 14 March 2009

Pulling my chain*

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about door knockers and Nick commented that he has a tasteful arrangement of a bell with a string for callers to waggle.

I think his arrangement may look something like this - but maybe with a less (chooses words carefully here...) rustique bellpull than this one seen in Preuilly.

You may have to click on the photo to see it in its full gory.


*"Pulling my chain" is an expressing that means to "take the mickey". As in- "he's pulling my chain" or "he's taking the mick". I have a feeling this explanation may not have helped some people, so less colloquially, it means to try and provoke a reaction - usually a fairly explosive reaction.


Anonymous said...

Is this your secret heart's desire Simon?

If I find a spare 'roo leg hanging about I will send it straight over.

Simon said...

Nah.......much as I like the pulling a chain outside the house to ring a bell inside idea, I think I will settle for the dead lady's hand and apple arrangement.

Thanks anyways :¬)

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