Friday, 27 February 2009

A lovely pair of knockers

As if I didn't already have enough to think about, the matter of door furniture raised its ugly head the other day as we were walking down the street.

We saw this cute little beast on a doorway near Jill and John's house, and were quite taken by it.

There is an alternate model to be considered, however. It's a bit weird, but for some reason I like the "dead lady's hand holding an apple" knocker.

We will need a knocker, but which one?? Cute or weird?? I think I know which way this one is likely to go...



  1. ...and I like your humour;-)

  2. I am looking for the "wide eyed and innocent" smiley.....

  3. Keep looking for the perfect door knocker, you'll find one that is just your style!

  4. The sheer variety and diversity of knockers is one of the great joys of life.

    There again, following instructions from The Wife, we've invested in a rather cute cast iron bell with birds on top and a string for visitors to waggle!

  5. Ok, this might be long, but...

    I watch Cuisine TV a lot. One program, hosted by a guy named Gontran Cherrier, is about baking.

    This week, he made a traditional dish called les seins de Ste.-Agathe, Saint Agatha's breasts. They're little cakes in the shape of breasts, and there are always two.

    They come from the legend of Ste.-Agathe, a sicilan beauty who was tortured by one who wanted to marry her. When she refused, he cut off her breasts.

    So, Gontran is showing us all how to make the cakes, and the joke material is flying left and right. He maintains all seriousness of course. But I lost it at one point when he said, "Ensuite, poser vos seins sur l'assiette."

    Now, what was that about knockers?