Tuesday, 3 February 2009

La Claise

No, not the rivière this time, but the resto.

Just recently, Dave from San Francisco commented, and mentioned how much he enjoyed dining at La Claise, down on the river in Preuilly and run by Francis, with assistance from his rather special poodle, Rustique (or possibly Lustic) Loustic. It reminded me that we had photos of Rustique Loustic which we had not posted on the blog.

La Claise is very popular at lunch time with the ticket resto brigade. In France it is a requirement that if you employ more than 6 people you must either provide a canteen or restaurant vouchers for your staff. Clotilde on Chocolate & Zucchini explains it very well. At La Claise you will get a set menu with various salads to start, a main course of fish or meat in a sauce, and a pitcher of house wine. It is good value (about 11 Euros) and substantial.

We prefer the evening menu, as at night, La Claise becomes a pizzeria, serving excellent, distinctive, French influenced, thin based pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven. The restaurant has a large collection of old ceramic jugs hung from the beams in the ceiling, rather in the manner of an English pub, and a conservatory style dining area where you can see and be seen. The building itself used to be a petrol station, and now houses the restaurant and a hairdresser's.

Francis speaks a little English, and his standard greeting is to address Simon as jeune homme and me as mademoiselle. This exaggerated flattery is doled out to everyone, so we don't let it go to our heads. Francis is only one half of a double act though. Rustique Loustic also greets every diner personally and will graciously accept being patted or scratched for as long as you are willing to oblige. Not only will he play chase the wine bottle cork, he can also be given your order to take to the kitchen or bring you l'addition (the bill/check) at Francis' bidding.



Anonymous said...

This one is going in our travel encyclopedia, for lunch and dinner both. ("Travel encyclopedia" being our Excel document listing every place we might want to visit in France. It comes with its own annotated multi-scroll map. Very limited edition.)

Anonymous said...

I think the name of the dog is Loustic, i.e. "fripon" or rascal.

Simon said...

Well done chm. That makes absolute sense. Yet another little mystery solved

Anonymous said...

it's good for dogs to work.

Susan said...

PJ: Yes, and it's great that he can spend all day with his owner too.

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