Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Les Ruelles du Pain et du Four

Ruelle du Four (Oven Lane) and Ruelle du Pain (Bread Lane) are opposite one another off la Grande Rue (Main Street) in Preuilly.

The Tourist Office is on the corner of Ruelle du Four. Mostly it just operates as a convenient billposting space, since it is only open to tourists in July and August. It is also signed as the Maison de Pays. Maisons de Pays usually sell local produce and crafts. In Preuilly this seems to be limited to an annual exhibition by a local artist – last year a quilter from Bossay, the year before that a local photographer's pictures of native orchids.

The crest displayed is the town arms, inherited from the old Baronetcy of Preuilly, once the Premier Baron of France.


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