Thursday, 12 March 2009

Our Kitchen

One of the people who called last time we were in Preuilly was M.Motté, who came to measure us up for a staircase. We arranged for him to visit a couple of days later with Virginie the kitchen expert.

This is sort of the kitchen we have decided on. You may have to squint a bit to get the full effect, but this is more or less it:

We have gone for the ultra high gloss, almost mirror finished red doors, with "black granite" resin tops. So far we have not received the devis, so, naturally, we can't be sure who will be doing our kitchen (or when).

We have also decided (I think) not to go with underfloor heating in the kitchen. Toasty toes is a lovely idea, but it means either taking up the existing floor (and who knows what horrors we could find under that!) or putting the heating and its associated insulation etc. on top of the existing floor and having a door into the laundry which is only about 5' (1.5 metres) high. As it is now, the kitchen floor is level and solid, but to install the underfloor heating we could have to remove a couple of layers of tiles and concrete. This could be a problem in a building which may have no foundations - a building as old as our house could well be built using one course of stone let into a trench as footings - and that's it.

All these "coulds" look like I'm worrying about something that might not be, but I am swiftly coming around to the "it's been like that for a long time, don't try change it" camp.

So that's kitchen planning just about sorted then!


Have you noticed our blog loading slower for you lately? Please let us know if you have. I suspect that the "followers" widget which Google recently redesigned is slowing thngs down - it had doubled the amount of guff your computer is having to work through when you read the blog. At the moment I am wondering if the followers panel is worth the effort - it's nice having your smiling faces sitting there, it helps remind me I am writing for people - but I am finding myself getting frustrated by the effort it requires to keep the widget looking as if it belongs.


Abbé Henri Proust said...

Just axed my 'followers' - didn't have many anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Hi S & S, Kitchen design is difficult enough without having to deal with a door in each wall !!!!

I bet you had to think long and hard about this one.....still the more compact it is, the easier it will be to keep clean & tidy. NOT there to be doing housework, over there to enjoy the good life.
It will look pretty schmick.

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