Saturday, 7 March 2009

Advice for Dog Walkers

This notice is posted on the gate of a private house in Preuilly. It made me smile, but I am also thinking seriously of copying it for our front courtyard. Unfortunately I suspect the Yorkie next door can't read and is not accompanied on his evacuative ventures.

The notice translates as:

Notice to Dog Walkers

Ladies and Gentlemen walking dogs, please have your animal do its business in the designated areas and not on the public footpath.

If unfortunately your animal does not apply the rules despite your suggestions, don't forget that 'Doggiette' bags for retrieving the material are available at the Council Offices, so you will have a clear conscience.

Dogs are our friends, but owners are solely responsible.

Signed: Households calling for a cleaner Preuilly.



Anonymous said...

There have only ever been 3 things about France that I don't love.
1. Smoking in restaurants, now rarely seen.
2. Parking habits. On the pavement, leaving pedestrians to the mercy of the traffic, across the entrance to your drive, etc.
3. Dog poo every few paces on the pavement. Makes sight-seeing so much more of a gamble - look upwards only if you dare take your eyes off the yard in front of your feet!

Susan said...


1. Agreed, but then, I was shocked by how many people smoked in public in the UK when I arrived 12 years ago!

2. Again, I don't think the French are alone in this habit. We live on a bend of a relatively main road in the UK. The house is right on the footpath, and there is a cycle lane and yellow line. None of this stops several people a day parking outside our house, and usually idling for however long they feel like, half on the footpath, forcing anyone with a pram or on a bike out into the line of traffic coming round the bend. Probably about once a fortnight someone parks across the driveway.

3. The dog poo on footpath situation is probably better in the UK, but there do seem to be a surprising number of dog owners who pick up after their dogs in the UK, but think it is OK to chuck the bag into the bushes or into the gutter (for the next passing vehicle to burst). In France, I find the dog poo on the grassy areas of parks more of a problem than on the footpath, as it is more difficult to spot.

BTW, I once saw Peter Mandelson out with his dogs and scooping the poop in St James' Park in London.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I agree with you. These are the only things that, historically, I have not loved about France. They are no better in the UK. In fact, certainly in our little corner of France, people seem to have much better manners, more civic pride and more consideration for others than in our UK home town.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Do people really still smoke in restaurants in France? I don't go out enough to know. But smoking inside is now clearly illegal here.

Simon said...

We haven't seen people smoking in restaurants sice the new laws came in. For a nation famous for being bolshie, the French seem to have adapted to the new law pretty well.

Interestingly, L'Image has been totally non-smoking since before Susan and I started visiting in 2009

Ken Broadhurst said...

Hi Simon, I remember when speed limits on the roads and compulsory seat-belt laws were proposed in France. There was much bluster among the populace about how such laws and restriction were contrary to French practice and custom. And then everybody fell into line and obeyed the new laws. Same with smoking in public places, including restaurants and cafés.

Anonymous said...

What about the fact that, if you just want a table for 2 in a french restaurant, they are so close together that it is easier to talk to your neighbour than the person you are with. (If you were sat next to a chain smoker it could easily spoil a good dinner - thankfully that is no longer a problem.)

Susan said...

Simon means 2006 I think.

Anon: It is curious that the French care so much about food, yet were such notorious smokers as well. As you say, thankfully no longer a problem. Conversing with your neighbour can be amusing though.

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