Sunday, 1 March 2009

In Preuilly this month

For all of you lucky enough to be in Preuilly sur Claise in March, this is what you can look forwards to:

Today (Sunday 1 March) – Loto – Comité des Fêtes
Bingo - top prize this time around is an ordinateur portable!!

Friday 6 – Concert Jazz Antoine Hervier
A Jazz Trio, there is more about the concert on the Preuilly website

Thursday 12 – Conférence sur l'alcoolisme – CLIC
CLIC (local information centers and coordinating services for the aged) They are aimed at retirees, the elderly and their families, and network with professionals in gerontology and home help. Established on a pilot basis in June 2000 , there are now over 500, in 96 departments.

Saturday 14 – Loto – Ecole Notre Dame
Ecole Nore Dame is the Roman Catholic school in Preuilly sur Claise

Ecole Notre Dame. This school was
bombed by the Germans in 1942.
Saturday 21 – Journées portes ouvertes – Ecole Notre Dame

Sunday 22 – Assembléi Générale – UNRPA
UNRPA is "Union Nationale des Retraités et des Personnes Agées" - The National Union of Retirees and Aged People.

Saturday 28 – Cinéma
The movie this month is (wait for it) Australia. Dubbed.

Saturday 28 – Diner dansant à Ligueuil – Jeunes Sapeurs Pompiers
The next generation of French folk heros let their hair down.

A propos of nothing, a gate in
Le Petit Pressigny



Anonymous said...

Wow, Preuilly is infinitely more interesting than my little bled.

Anonymous said...

I just love those gates. If they were mine, the dilemma would be: leave them as they are or attack them with a wire brush an hammerite paint. Wish we had a place suitable for a significant gate statement.

Anonymous said...

This gate is really beautiful. It makes me think of what could have been the gate of Sleeping Beauty's castle before Prince Charming dropped by.

Simon said...

Dedene: surely not!!

Jean: If they were mine, the gates would stay the same, I think.

CHM: Miss Havisham is the name that sprang to mind immediately I saw the gates!

Barbara said...

Hi Simon & Susan,
It looks like there is a variety of activities going on this month in Preuilly.
I tend to think of the "lotos" first, when I think of the "canton". They like to do lotos in the countryside ! I see the posters up each time we go to the area & the anouncements in the Nouvelle République.

Have you & Simon already tried playing Loto ??

Hubby & I will be over in late March in Touraine.
We are looking forward to it !

Simon said...


We haven't done Loto yet. Last time I played bingo was at a casino in Puerto Varas in Chile.

Huge fun can be had playing bingo in a language you don't speak after a bottle or two of wine. Even though I had a groups of ladies of a certain age (we were all on the same tour, I was the only non-spanish speaking person) "helping" me, I didn't win anything :¬(

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