Monday 2 July 2018

They're Not Joking

We wrote a month ago about the project to widen the footpaths along the main street of Preuilly. Work is still ongoing, and as I type the whole of rue Chaumont Patin has been scarified and awaits its new surface. In the meanwhile, traffic is having to find a work-around.

There are endless mutterings from Preuilly residents and shop owners. Dissatisfaction with the current situation is rife and no end is in sight. And don't get them started on the new speed restrictions! Susan was bailed up for a good 15 minutes by an aged local in the butchers  who gave her the benefit of his opinion that the new speed limit for departmental roads will achieve nothing and that the problem is not speed but 'excessive speed' (whatever that means!!).


Colin and Elizabeth said...

We can imagine!!

Susan said...

Wouldn't you know it!? The minute we post about it all being blocked, they open it up. The road surface is done, no markings and the pavements need to be finished.

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