Sunday 29 July 2018

The Davos Swissalpine Irontrail Marathon

Yesterday Simon's brother participated in the Davos Swissalpine Irontrail Marathon. 42.9 gruelling kilometres in the Swiss Alps, up one valley, over a pass and back down another with a total climb (and subsequent descent) of 1425 metres. We were able to follow him by car up to the head of the first valley, and pick up the trail again on the way down the second valley. The pass was inaccessible glacial scree and not much fun to run although the view and scenery were reportedly amazing. Here is a series of photos documenting the day. This is one of those events where for most people time is of no consequence, it's all about finishing.

Simon and Jon just before the race began. Jon is drinking an espresso, 
to the horror of a French fellow competitor (using stimulants!)

They're off! (To the strains of that Russian humming hero music)

Jon passing his hotel.

Running along the lower valley. This is the flat section.

Beside the stream that flows down from the mountains.

Jon heading for the pass.

The first feeding station.

Soon after this the real climbing began and we couldn't follow.

Going up where the roads don't go. This is just before it gets difficult...

Jon passes the finishing line 7h 14m 27.9 seconds later.

Jon enjoying a beer afterwards.


chm said...

It really needs dedication to compete in that kind of event!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

We agree, total dedication. We have shared it to our relations who do that sort of thing. Well Done Jon.

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