Monday 9 July 2018

Sunset Thoughts 2

Yesterday I mentioned that on Friday I took some photos at sunset in Amboise. We were at a meeting of Loire ConneXion, a social meetup and networking group for Anglo/French people who can get to Amboise on the first Friday of the month. We meet at Le Shaker, a bar on the Île d'Or.

One of the highlights is always as the sun goes down and the lights come up on the chateau across the river. What we never see is the sunset, because it's behind us.

Last Friday Susan and I left earlier than normal (about 10.15) because we had been working and were in Célestine. The reason for leaving early was to get home before the light went completely and we were reliant on the "glow-worm in a jar" headlights traditionally associated with old cars. When we arrived at Célestine, parked in front of the chateau, we could see what we have always previously missed - the sun setting over the Loire.

We even enjoyed the drive home, too. Although it was properly dark by the time we exited Amboise and drove into the forest, Célestine's headlights performed admirably and lasted the whole trip home in fine style - a marked contrast to the last time I drove home from Amboise in the dark.

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