Thursday 12 July 2018

The Old Caravanne

As we said before, this year we saw the Tour de France again. This year's third stage of the Tour de France at Cholet was graced by a number of véhicules publicitaires de caravane ancienne, which followed the regular caravan of sponsor's vehicles. Most (if not all) of the vehicles belong to a man called Lionel Blanleil, who has been collecting and restoring them for over 30 years.

This first one is a mystery - the only refence online I can find
refers to it as a "mobile yellow jersey podium"

a 1960 Peugoet D4 advertising SPAR supermarkets

Peugeot J7 "Marché de France" of 1974

There were two Renault Butagaz promotional vehicles from 1961

1954 Citroen H-Van of the Midi Libre press unit

1961 Renault 1.400kg advertising Onrev Matresses

1960 Renault press van of la Nouvelle Republique.
There is an article (with photos) of this vehicle here

Renault 1400Kg Type R 2066 of 1953 advertising Byrrh.
Because it's France and 2018 the name of the product has been obscured,
because alcohol advertising is no longer legal

A 1966 Renault advertising Castelvin.
As with the previous vehicle, the branding has been obscured


Unknown said...

Wow! There’s some fantastic specimens there. Goes to show the great imagination put into the design of these vehicles.

Simon said...

The Midi Libre press bus would have made a great touring wagon.

For anywhere you want to go to at 60kmh...

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Yup It would take you a while between gigs Simon...

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