Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Surprising Chenonceau

Last week we started going to Chenonceau again - it may have been 12 weeks since our last visit, but I expect we will average one visit a week until the end of September. Chenonceau is everything a chateau should be: attractive, royal, good grounds, and a bit of a view. If you look, however, there is amusement to be had in unexpected corners.

Traditionally this would have been red. A moss cow.

Specially for Paddy's day, or serious algae?

Wee agree.


chm said...

Of course, it depends [pun not intended] on your business, but the last exhortation is so much more comfortable!

Aussie in France said...

This year is particularly mossy. I think I've finally removed it from our front garden but the back is pretty hopeless.
Fancy having to put up a sign to tell people to use the toilets!

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