Sunday, 8 March 2015

A Rock Floor

I liked this natural arrangement of rocks and gum leaves on the floor of Standley Chasm in the Northern Territory of Australia.
Yesterday's sunset in Preuilly was rather spectacular. We are having a spell of nice weather -- frosty mornings and sunny days.
A la cuisine hier: Turkey schnitzels with potato wedges. Turkey escalopes are perfect for crumbing and frying.

Walnut cake, a nice use of local products and gluten free too.


  1. Nice, you managed a pic...
    Pauline was in the verger... glue-banding the fruit trees...
    and I was cleaning the Mantis after working the onion beds...
    neither of us in a position to go get a camera.
    It got up to 18 Centipede here... nearly down to string vest!
    And I am looking at a Blackbird sunning itself as I type...
    it has its wings slightly spread...
    and is turning through 90 degrees every few minutes...

    1. It was easily T-shirt temperature in the orchard today. Brimstones, carpenter bees and winter damsels flying.