Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Joining a Special Club

We have owned our ladies for over 5 years, but in all that time there is something I had never attempted: hand cranking.

This has always sounded scary, with many cautionary tales of broken wrists. So naturally it is something I have always avoided trying.

However, the other day I though I would have a go. I have seen it done by others, and it didn't look too life threatening. I would hate to be in a situation where it became necessary, and not be able to do it.

You will note there is a metal peg hanging from the crank handle. Normally this fits into a rest on the bumper bar to make life easier. However, Célestine's rest doesn't align with the crank ratchet.

The first attempt at starting, of course, I got a kickback. The second time, she started.

So that's another life skill I have. I wonder how many men born in the 60's have hand cranked a car?


  1. Tut Tut Tut Simon,,, Who taught you to hand crank a car,,, Golden rule DON'T put your thumb around the starting handle... If you get a proper kickback it will do serious damage to your thumb... Thumb always over the crank handle!!! I was born in the 50's and have done so many times mainly tractors and they can kick back... C

  2. Moi aussi...
    same era as Colin!
    I started on tractors, under supervision initially....
    our forester showed how violent kickback was buy holding a bit of bent branch going over where the thumb was...
    shattered it!
    Our hut generator was a bastard to start, too...
    if you flicked the compressor back in at the wrong moment it threw the handle at you!
    There should have been a big spring, wingnut and washer to hold the handle on...
    but they'd been lost in the mists of time!!
    And we own 2CVs!!

  3. Umm, us girls from that era too! Not just a man skill if none handy.