Friday 20 March 2015

Look - up in the sky!

Quand l'abricot est en fleur, jours et nuits ont même longueur. 
 When the apricot is in flower, days and nights are the same length.

At the time this goes to post we will be in an eclipsed state. Todays eclipse will be about 80% where we are, but pity anyone at the north pole. If my reading of the matter is correct today is their one sunrise of the year - and when it rises the sun will be eclipsed.


Sheila said...

I've experienced a total solar eclipse. I was living
in NYC at the time, and the weather was perfect
that day. Then mid-morning the world turned brown.
Quite eerie.

Tim said...

Susan, your picture is the brightest thing I've seen all morning!!
Our eclipse was eclipsed... so to speak!!

chm said...

Thank you, Susan, for this proverbe or dicton. Being an urban kid, I've never heard of it. There aren't too many apricot trees in Paris!

Georgeous photo!

And, as the weather goes, it is snowing right now here in Virginia, before turning to rain; hopefully not freezing rain. I'm sick and tired of that unending winter!

Carolyn said...

chm, we're about two hours' drive north of you, and today you could ski down our lane. And I'd thought winter was over.

Happy spring to those of you in the northern hemisphere.

The Beaver said...

Bonjour Cousin

Talk about that unending winter. We are still in the minus two digits in the morning. Expecting snow on Saturday and then the mercury goes down again on Sunday.

chm said...

Bonjour Cousine,
We didn't get much snow after all and it's above freezing now. So, maybe, spring is for next week!
Hope your temperatures will improve soon.

GaynorB said...

We missed the eclipse but someone got some super pics in the next village to us in Staffordshire.

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