Saturday, 21 December 2013

Superb Fairywren

The Superb Fairywren Malurus cyaneus is known to all Australians living in the relatively cooler and wetter parts of the eastern and southern states (and usually referred to as the Blue Wren). It is common in gardens and the bush, living in territorial family groups that raise young co-operatively. This one is the strikingly coloured male, still in his irridescent pulling gear in the early summer, who gives the species its vernacular name. The females and young are brown.

 They are insectivorous, hunting in grass and low bushes.

They are not related to European wrens, but are part of a uniquely Australasian family of birds. They are tiny, weighing about 10g, but with a 6cm tail. They are one of the winners in the increasing urbanisation of the east coast of Australia.
A la cuisine hier: Croissants aux amandes et chocolat. Just add some cocoa powder to two-thirds of the almond mixture and use that inside the croissants. Use the plain on the top so that the almond flakes stick.
Yesterday's Village Excitement: A semi-trailer broke down with his brakes locked on in front of the charcuterie in the Grande rue in Preuilly. The police had to redirect traffic for much of the morning.


  1. Wonderful tweeter!!
    It matches that key fob of yours...
    weighs about the same, too, probably!!

  2. Oh, forgot to give you the Fenbow Nutmeg Clove Pink seeds yesterday...
    you can't do anything with them 'till you un-Antipode... so they are here in a little brown seed envelope.

  3. What a little beauty. Love the
    way the blue forms a ring around
    his neck. You make your own

  4. Tim: yes, same colours. I'll pick up the seeds at some stage.

    Sheila: no, I don't make the croissants from scratch. Croissants aux amandes in the boulangerie are made using yesterday's croissants filled with almond paste and refreshed in the oven. I do the same thing by buying cheap supermarket croissants. I make the syrup and the almond paste from scratch though. It's very easy.

  5. Just catching up on blogs to wish you a belated happy birthday!

  6. Nous avons de magnifiques souvenirs des moments à suivre ce minuscule Mérion pour essayer d'en faire de belles images! Ce sont des oiseaux superbes, c'est le cas de le dire!

  7. Lucie: they are real cuties. It's lovely to have them in the garden.