Monday, 2 December 2013

The Preuilly Danse Macabre

Regular readers will know that we are involved in a campaign to save some very rare wall paintings in a late medieval/early renaissance chapel of ease in Preuilly where we live. Our friend Bernard is working on grant applications and a flyer to publicise our fundraising efforts. Simon has been assisting him by supplying the photos. I thought you might like to see the paintings on the east, north and south walls in full, from photos Simon has stitched together.

 The east gable end, behind the altar, with the Orchestra of the Dead on the left and the beginning of the Dance of the Women on the right.

 The Dance of the Men on the north wall.

The Dance of the Women, on the south wall.


chm said...

It's a shame to see in what disrepair this Chapelle de Tous les Saints has been left over the years. I really hope your efforts will be rewarded.

Tim said...

I really hope the promised contributions will come through on time! I'd love to see these in the (literal) flesh - please let us know if an opportunity comes up. P.

Susan said...

PG: Gérard T has the key at the moment I believe. I can email him and ask if he has a suitable moment to open up and show you the chapel.

the fly in the web said...

Since the institutional funding seems to be available, let's hope that local funds will be forthcoming.

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