Wednesday, 18 December 2013

French Kiwi Fruit

The other day our local orchardist, Ô petit verger, had locally grown kiwi fruit at the market. I always think of kiwi fruit as something a bit tropical and exotic, but in fact they grow perfectly happily outdoors in temperate climates, so long as they are in a spot that is protected from frost. In France kiwi fruit comes into season just as the choice of local fruit is well and truly limited to apples and pears, so it is a rather welcome addition to the fruit bowl.

Loire Valley Nature: A new entry for Mute Swan Cygnus olor has been added. I was amazed to learn just recently that the closest relative of this most classic of swans is not any of the other Northern Hemisphere species (Whooper, Bewick, Trumpeter) but the Australian Black Swan Cygnus atratus.
At the Brico Store: Another thing I was amazed to learn just recently is that one of our local hardware stores sells hunting horns (€47.10, in case you are interested in popping in and purchasing). I have been frequenting the hardware store quite a lot the past week or so. You wouldn't believe the quantity of plaster our pantry renovation has taken.


Tim said...

We saw a pair of black swans with chicks at Fairburn Ings nature reserve near Leeds one frosty December day a few years ago. Presumably escapes, because the YWT don't have captive birds - but they still retain their antipodean breeding cycle. P.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Susan, I think today is your birthday. Am I wrong? If so, sorry. If not, happy day!

Susan said...

Ken: you are correct. many thanks for the birthday wishes.

PG: many Australian birds breed in response to favourable weather conditions regardless of the season, so maybe that's what they were doing.

Carolyn said...

Happy birthday from us too!

Helen Devries said...

Happy birthday.
Did you buy a hunting horn to celebrate?

Susan said...

HD: we already have one person in the street who plays the hunting horn, and that is considered quite enough.

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