Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

 The 2012 Christmas tree in Martin Place, Sydney.

And I would like to pass on a link to my favourite of all last year's Christmas blog posts. Frankly, I just want to kiss Alex Wild for being out and proud about being an entomologist, and brave enough not to pussyfoot around wilfully ill-informed melodramatists, even on Christmas Day. I know it doesn't fall within the accepted limits of the Christmas spirit, but by heck it needed to be said!
Weather News: Since Monday evening we've been buffeted by Tempête Dirk. The wind is strong and gusty, but not causing any serious damage. The town Christmas tree took a bit of a beating and there were bits of tree and decorations strewn around on Tuesday morning.
Loire Valley Nature: Photos have been added to the Violet Carpenter Bee Xylocopa violacea entry.
A new entry has been added for the Hornet Mimic Hover Fly Volucella zonaria.
A new entry has been added for the European Wall Lizard Podarcis muralis.
A la cuisine hier: Chilli con carne, made with chunks of stewing beef slow cooked for the whole afternoon on the wood stove.


  1. Merry Crimble both!
    And a healthy, wealthy, successful 2014...

    Magrat and Gytha send their greetings to the 2 Cs... and may their wheels roll smoothly in '14, too.

  2. And I love those bark "bison"!!
    The post needs spreading abroad...
    know anyone with a "twitter" account?

  3. Merry Christmas. Enjoy your day! Martine

  4. Love your banner!

    Happy Christmas.

  5. Merry Christmas!

    I followed the link and yes, have much more time for the bugs than for the person complaining about them...

  6. Merry Christmas Susan and Simon