Monday 29 July 2013

What's Wrong With These Photos?

We bought these dishwasher tablets for the bargain price of €1.25 in Leader Price in Chatellerault. Can you spot the anomaly?


Tim said...

How many dishwasher miles is that then?
Do you have a more local manufacturer... or was it off the Aussie shelf?

chm said...

I don't know about any anomaly, but I question the accuracy of the statement about glass corrosion. I was on the impression that glass was impervious to any kind of acid or chemical. Maybe I was wrong.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Contact a poisons information centre? and you wash your pots in it?

Tim said...

Thiis could be an EU scam - the manufacturer gets a subsidy for export to a non-EU country, then sells them in a little supermarket in la France profonde thus avoiding shipping costs and trousering the subsidy. P.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Isn't there any French on the box? I think it is illegal in France to market products labeled only in languages other than French.

Jean said...

I also spotted that there was no French text on the box.

I wonder if Pauline has the right idea !!

In any case, if they was your dishes ok, why care? They're certainly very cheap. You would pay double that for more well known brands.

And for CHM - I have found that some glasses do either go cloudy in a dishwasher, or develop a rainbow bloom, so I wash any that I care about by hand.

The Beaver said...

I am with Ken- the instructions should be in French first and then other EU languages.

Susan said...

The thing I especially picked up on were that there was no French whatsoever on the box. IGA is an Australian co-operative of small independent supermarkets -- there's one in my home town where my mother shops regularly. It seems clear that this product was manufactured in the EU for these stores, but somehow ended up in a French LeaderPrice. Pauline may have the correct explanation here I reckon.

The second thing that I found rather startling was the poisons advice -- not that the tabs are poisonous as I knew dishwasher detergent was incredibly alkaline, so it wouldn't do you any good if you swallowed it -- but that the number was Australian and therefore completely useless to the French customer. It is safe to use on dishes as they are thoroughly rinsed, btw.

chm: glasses, especially cheap ones, get scratched by the abrasive action of dishwasher detergents.

I don't know what the current legal stance on packaging not in French is. I believe it used to be illegal, but the law may have changed. I think it has changed for .fr websites, for instance.

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