Saturday 6 July 2013

A Mongrel Landscape

An information board on the lookout at Twofold Bay, Eden, about alien invasive plants and their impact in Australia. Because it was spring when we visited last year, and the season had been good with plenty of rain, it was very obvious just how many invasive aliens there are in the landscape, since they were all merrily flowering away. Even though I already knew it is a problem, it was still shocking to see how ubiquitous and how dominant some of these invaders are. They were everywhere on roadsides and shorelines, and even in the National Parks.


Sheila said...

Looks like loosestrife is right at
the top of the list. Big menace in northeastern US too. Beautiful to
see great swaths of it, though.

Susan said...

Sheila: What list are you looking at? I'm not aware the Purple Loosestrife is a problem in Australia, although I know it is in the States. It's just coming into flower here.

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