Tuesday 27 November 2012

Mesland Mystery

 Perhaps the insignia of a master butcher?

In September we stayed overnight in the rosé producing village of Mesland, above the Loire opposite Chaumont. It is a very attractive little place, with many interesting and picturesque buildings.

The master winemaker's sign?

These two dormer windows on a building in the centre of town feature some mystery carvings. Possibly they are symbols pertaining to the Compagnons du Tour de France, the lodges or guilds that date back to medieval times and whose purpose is to train and support master craftsmen. However, our voluble history geek of a host (link removed), who alerted us to their presence, was unable to tell us anything with certainty.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Hi Susan. Your link to "host" is giving a 'site contains malware' warning?


Leon Sims said...

What I enjoy about your posts is that you give the impression of being locals that enjoy being tourists.

Sheila said...

I got a warning too.

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