Monday, 19 November 2012

High-End Shopping

Peugeot 402 convertible from the inter-war period.

Each of the big three French car manufacturers has a showroom on the Champs-Elysées. You never know what they will be displaying -- it can range from the very latest concept cars to rare and fabulous classics.


  1. Now... isn't that a car to cruise in... forget "pimp my roof"... just wind it back and admire the view... just don't wear LONG scarves. Actually you'd most likely be safe in this car... the back wheels ar covered.
    Drawbacks... cost of maintaing & running the beastie... and the absolute necessity to wear period clothing everytime you went anywhere!

  2. Spare "e"...
    insert where needed.

  3. Loïe Fuller would still be with us if she'd been riding in such a car! That's what you meant Tim?

  4. Sorry Tim,
    For some reason I had two famous dancers mixed up. Of course I should have questioned you about Isadora Duncan. Years ago, I met her brother in Paris. He looked as if he had come from another planet! Or escaped from some kind of monastery.

  5. Yup... Isadora D. was the dame... perils of an open sports car with wire wheels.